TCM: Be Still My Heart

The Jean Arthur Comedy Collection

The Jean Arthur Comedy Collection: No, this is not a dream. This is real life!

The other day, I took a little trip to do my laundry for free visit Mama Fierce.  Aside from functioning as a de facto laundromat, her place boasts such charming amenities as FOOD and TELEVISION, both of which are practically non-existent in my flat.  Ok, the food part is sort of voluntary, since I’m a terrible cook.  But as far as TV goes, at this point the lack thereof has become something of a lifestyle choice.  There was a time when I truly couldn’t afford it, but now I rather enjoy living a cable-less existence, if only to provide me with one less distraction.

Because let’s face it, I’m distracted at the best of times.

Which is why, if you call me, email me, leave me a comment, it often takes days before I respond.  For that, I’d like to issue a blanket apology.  I swear it’s not because I have better things to do than interact with you.  It’s because I forget to check in!  Every week I make the same vow:  I will start responding to people in a timely manner.


I think this must have something to do with old age, because when I was younger, I was such a prompt little person!  Maybe the synapses in my brain are becoming less elastic.  Or maybe I’ve allowed the bad habits of other people to exert undue influence over my behavior.

Or maybe I am once again straying from the topic.

Topic being:  TCM is exclusively offering “The Jean Arthur Comedy Collection DVD” in their online shop.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a God.  This collection will include four of her lesser known works, Adventure in Manhattan, More Than a Secretary, The Impatient Years, and The Public Menace (which I’ve never seen!!), and is available to pre-order at the low price of $34.99.    It ships October 17th, and yes, I’ve made a paper chain in my bedroom to help count down the days.

To think, I would not have known any of this if it weren’t for a pressing need to wash all of my autumn sweaters!  There I was, sorting the darks from the lights, when I saw a familiar face come onto the screen, accompanied by those heady words all Old Movie fans always long to hear: “Digitally Restored.”  Naturally, I near had a heart-attack.  But then I recovered and reached for my MasterCard.

Checking in with TCM on laundry day is something of a time honored tradition for me.  I used to have a subscription to their magazine, Now Playing, so that I could better plan my weekly outing around a color-coded list of prioritized films that I *had* to see.  However, when it became clear that unless I started doing laundry every day, I would never be able to view everything I wanted, I cancelled my subscription.  It was simply too depressing to think of all the wonderful pictures I was missing.

But the near catastrophe of not having this DVD collection delivered to my front door on the very day of its release has caused me to reconsider my TV situation.  Life is just too short to not be on top of all things Jean Arthur all the time.  Therefore, I have made the monumental decision to consider purchasing a television.  Yes, my recent days have been spent perusing Amazon, and researching cable packages.  And while I know this may destroy the illusion so many hold of me warming soup on a hotplate, as my phonograph unevenly spins a Benny Goodman record in the background, thanks to TCM I’m willing to take the plunge.

I foresee a future filled with many Andy Hardy marathons and endless Law & Order reruns.  Shiny, shiny, shiny!


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  1. Good news, indeed. Have seen and liked all those movies, and was impressed about the restoration. About time.

    Funny, but I think that scene in “Adventure in Manhattan” about her character “visiting” her child, and then what happens next, and then what happens next — are among the most shocking I’ve ever seen in a film of that era. I was floored the first time I saw it, completely taken in.

    • I was shocked at first too, and if taken out of context with the whole, I think that entire scene would be downright frightening. However, because I already knew that there were comedic elements at work, 5 seconds after she goes in for her, uh, visit, I realized that something else had to be going on. Love, love, love her with Joel McCrea! Overall I think “The Impatient Years” suffers from a terrible script, but had McCrea been available to do the film with her, I’m pretty sure it would have been a stunner if only for their amazing chemistry.

  2. Aw … I liked the image of you warming soup & water for hot whiskies on the hot plate instead of staring at the boob tube. Happy Shiny & send me the link on what TV you got. I’ll look up this DVD collection too X

    • Hold on to that image! Because now I’ll be using the hot plate in front of the boob tube (this is how fires get started, I’m sure if it.) Will definitely let you know which one I settle on. Cheers & Shiny!

  3. One suggestion around the cathode tube problem in the living room is YouTube on the Internet – busy little movie fans have been uploading complete films to the site, of which I frequently take advantage (OK, it may be illegal, but do we really care if a monster corp like Warner Bros is done out of a few pennies?)

    I’ve already slotted the Jean Arthur collection to my Xmas wish list, along with the new Jean Harlow one. Santa should be busy this year.

    • Thank heavens for YT, I don’t know what I would do without it! Certainly, I have no qualms about the scant monies that WB et al are missing out on. . .especially when they refuse to release so many of the titles that they hold copyright on.

      Sometimes though, it just seems like I long for the instant gratification that TV provides. Sigh.

      On another note, I did get the Jean Arthur collection in the mail last week, and I’ve watch it a million time since then. There aren’t any notable special features (just some stills, lobby cards, etc.), which is a downside. But I shouldn’t complain, because it’s worth it just to have the films.

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