Well Hello!

And welcome to my blog (any Deven Green fans out there?)! This is to be the first of many posts, the majority of which I pray will be much more entertaining than what you’re reading right now.

The long of it is here, and the short of it is that I watch an inordinate amount of film, which prompted the creation of this blog. Needless to say, my friends are ecstatic; they no longer have to listen to me babble endlessly about what I watched yesterday evening.

That, dear readers, is now your happy domain!

I will make a full disclosure and let you know that I have a film degree, so if at any time I veer towards the pedantic, feel free to face-slap me in the comment section. However, I hope to keep things here light hearted. Don’t want to put too many people to sleep.

My main area of concern is 1930s Hollywood era film, and for all of you that are about to tell me that Mildred Pierce falls outside of this, note that the original novel does take place during the Depression. I think the actual film retains enough of the novel’s concerns regarding money, status, and security that it remains relevant to the blog’s theme.

Plus, I fully intend to delve outside the 30s into pre-code and post-war cinema every now and again. I like to mix it up!

Alright, that’s enough to be getting on with for now. Please feel free to contact me regarding movies you think I should watch, or classic cinema sites you think I should visit. I’m always looking for some new distraction!

4 Comments to “Well Hello!”

  1. guuuuurl i don’t know the first or the last thing about 1930s films, but i certainly will excitedly read about them here. yay! 🙂
    i love the design, btw!! everything looks great.
    xoxoxo from deutschland!

    • Deven, I am a huge fan! I cry spontaneous tears of laughter at the mere thought of one, Brendad Ickson, taking in purebreds and giving them weaves.

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